APN+ FAQ and Information:

You may purchase multiples of the APN+. For each multiple purchased, it’s simply another $1,000 allotment to your overall APN+ value.

APN+ FAQ and Information:

The Account Protection Net is designed to give traders a safety net in the event of a catastrophic event. In the event that a trader has a catastrophic event, SSFTG will allow the member to refund-out of their APN+ value as a refund back to the customer via Cryptocurrency transfer to give them a fresh start. No questions asked. No questions needed. This allotment is available to the customer after a minimum of 6 months. Simply fill out the SSFTG APN+ Form and submit it.

When starting your new APN+, there is a 6-Month initialization locking period after which, the lock will lift and is available to the member to use whenever needed. Simply submit the APN+ Cash-Out Form below. The APN+ is not an investment and should not be seen in that way. This is simply a way for the purchaser to create a safety net they can rely on in emergency situations. That said, there are rewards along the way for how long the APN+ stays open and the member does not cash out on their APN+.

APN+ Rewards Program:

APN+ Rewards are a way to give back to the purchaser further by creating incentives for good risk management and trading (not blowing up your account). Rewards are calculated at the end of every year and are added to the value of the APN+. This means, the longer you don’t refund-out on your APN+, the more rewards you can accrue for proper trading.

If the APN+ has not been refunded after 12 months have passed from its opening, a 1% reward will be added to your APN+ Value putting it at 101%. After 24 months, 1.5% is added making the new value 102.5%. After 36 months, another 2% is added bringing the total to 104.5%. After 48 months, 2.5% is added bringing the total to 107%. After 60 months, 3% is added bringing the total to 110%. After 72 months, 3.5% is added bringing the total to 113.5%. After 84 months, 4% is added bringing the total to 117.5%. After 96 months, 4.5% is added bringing the total to 122%. After 108 months, 5% is added bringing the total to 127%. After 120 months, 5.5% is added bringing the total to 127%. After 120 months to 240 months, 6% is added bringing the total to 133%. After 240 months to 480 months, 6.5% is added bringing the total to 139.5%. After 480 months, 7% is added bringing the total to 146.5%. After 960 months or more, 7.5% is added bringing the total to 154%.

This means that if you started your APN+ at $1,000 and did not refund-out after 10 years, your refund value at the end would be $1,350 after accruing all of the rewards along the way. If the APN+ was refunded out after 4 years and 6 months (54 months) as an example, the account would be valued at 107% or $1,070 as it falls within the 49-60 month range. If the APN+ was refunded out after 9 months (3 months after the lock period expired), the value would simply be 100% as no incentives or rewards were gained during that time. If you didn’t need to refund out and it’s been 375 months and there is a nice vacation you want to go on with the family, You could refund-out at 139.5% APN+ as it falls between the 240-480 month bracket.

  • 06-12 Months = 100.0% APN+

  • 13-24 Months = 101.0% APN+

  • 25-36 Months = 102.5% APN+

  • 37-48 Months = 104.5% APN+

  • 49-60 Months = 107.0% APN+

  • 61-72 Months = 110.0% APN+

  • 73-84 Months = 113.5% APN+

  • 85-96 Months = 117.5% APN+

  • 97-108 Months = 122.0% APN+

  • 109-120 Months = 127.0% APN+

  • 120-240 Months = 133.0% APN+

  • 240-480 Months = 139.5% APN+

  • 480-960 Months = 146.5% APN+

  • 960 Months or More = 154% APN+

Refund-Out Sequence:

All APN+ Refund-Out Sequences are completed with Cryptocurrency to ensure speed of delivery — once sent, most finish transferring within 60 minutes and some as quickly as a few seconds. To ensure ease of use, please make sure you have an account ready to accept Cryptocurrency transfers and understand how they work and function. Great solutions for this are (CRO) or Coinbase (Nasdaq: COIN) Please understand that the price of any Cryptocurrency can fluctuate quickly so to ensure the value of your APN+ refund, it’s best to cash out to fiat quickly to avoid any adverse price fluctuations. The final APN+ value received after the transfer has completed may not be the exact dollar value of the APN+ value you ended with due to these price fluctuations but it should be very close. You may refund-out of your APN+ ONCE. SSFTG, John-Henry Brink, and anyone processing APN+ refunds are not responsible for incorrect withdraw addresses given. Please double check all information before submitting it! The information submitted MUST be double checked by the submitter and is the submitters responsibility to confirm accuracy.

Extra Information:

APN+ should never be considered an investment nor should you purchase it as such. SSFTG, John-Henry Brink, and all companies managing APN+, reserve the right to modify any and all percentages, rewards, and any other part of APN+ with a one-month cycle notice to allow APN+ owners time to adjust fairly. By purchasing any package with APN+, you fully understand that there are no guarantees being made of any return and you could potentially lose all of your APN+ value. SSFTG as well as John-Henry Brink have the best intentions for the APN+ program; that said, unforeseeable events in life and markets make it an impossibility to guarantee the total safety of any APN+ value 100% of the time with any logical mind on your shoulders. Purchase with money you can afford to lose and understand the risks well before making any purchases in general. Use common sense.