Forecasting The Long Term $SPY – A Thought Experiment

The Market Race of 2021 The end of 2021 from September on will see a parabolic rally to complete the grand super-cycle target on the $SPY of $506.56. This will be met with a small consolidation at the target zone that may last 6-9 months.   The Market Reset of 2022-2025 Once the small consolidation […]

Day Trading Strategies: Trader’s Math – The Equation Nobody Talks About

When it comes to trading, it’s hard enough. It doesn’t matter what IT is here, it’s just hard enough. To make matters worse, if you’re going into battle half-prepared, how could one ever hope to come out alive?   There are the trade plans, strategies, setups, technicals, and everything in-between… but one thing that lingers […]

Day Trading Psychology: Bouncing Back From A Losing Day

Trading is an amazing business — especially when things are going well! It’s super easy to float on Cloud 9 when you are slamming back to back to back winners. Then comes the day that nobody enjoys. The losing day. It came out of nowhere! The day seemed like it was your ordinary, typical price […]

Day Trading Psychology: Accepting The Improbability Of Trading

One of the big things that every trader has to come to grips with is that we don’t know. We don’t know if the next trade will work. No idea if this support bounce will actually bounce. Everything we do is based on probability. What we think will likely happen or, what we would like to happen. When […]

Day Trading Psychology: Analysis Paralysis

Boy oh boy do I get this question a LOT. Analysis Paralysis. For those of you who know what it is, you understand the frustration it can cause. To those who have yet to have had the joy of enduring this phenomenon, let me explain. Analysis Paralysis is what happens when you over-analyze your trades. […]

Day Trading Psychology: Trust In Your System

One of the most important things to have as a trader is a trading plan and system. Without it, you are going to fail. Period. The simpler the better.   When I say trading plan or system, this encompasses a few primary things. This is a great way to ensure your strategy has merit (and […]

Day Trading Psychology: Have An Emotional Support Partner!

When it comes to trading, we all know it’s a 90%+ psychological game. It sure isn’t easy either. Knowing how much of a psychological battle we go in to every day, it can really stack some stress on your shoulders. Even the best days in trading can feel like losers and it really goes to […]

Day Trading For Beginners: Losing Control Of Your Emotions

If you have traded for longer than a few seconds, you will have quickly realized how much of a mental game this really is. From the first time you execute your first live trade, to being in a great trade that goes south quickly due to news. Crazy market conditions happen all the time and […]

Day Trading Strategies: Is It Time To Change My Trading Strategy?

At some point, in every trader’s career, you have to take a step back and ask yourself: “Is my trading strategy beginning to fail, or is this just the down swing in the overall probability picture?”. Every strategy has a probability that is naturally built in to it. Some are designed to be higher or […]

Day Trading Strategies: No Shortcuts

When it comes to trading, I think everyone in the universe has heard something along the lines of “There isn’t a magic trading strategy”. While that is 100% true, what this leaves out is why that is the case. Everyone is so quick to point out the obvious but won’t dig in to the why. […]


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