Hello! My name is John-Henry. I have been trading easily longer than a decade by now and have a heavy focus on the Emini markets as well as energies, metals, and cryptocurrencies like the /NQ, /ES, /CL, /GC and Bitcoin. I have traded all over the place from grains to currencies but have really found a home in Futures and Cryptocurrencies. I have an amazing wife and two kids who make life an absolute blast!

I started right where everyone else did, working jobs all over the place with more W-2’s in my history than I care to admit. I understand what it is like coming out into this profession with nothing to your name and having to build from scratch. Buying some crazy course for ten’s of thousands of dollars like the ones advertised online just doesn’t cut it for folks with barely that much in their accounts like most start with. I want to be able to help traders from all walks of life with this journey and help them to get to their goals!

My mission with Slingshot Futures Trading Group is to make the world of trading accessible to everyone regardless of where they are starting. This will allow anyone from anywhere a chance to completely remake their lives in to their dreams.