The Market Race of 2021

The end of 2021 from September on will see a parabolic rally to complete the grand super-cycle target on the $SPY of $506.56.

This will be met with a small consolidation at the target zone that may last 6-9 months.


The Market Reset of 2022-2025

Once the small consolidation of The Market Race of 2021 is complete, there will be a market drop of 57% back down to $SPY $217.61 where it will find balance for 6-9 months while it completes its first grand super-cycle targets.


The Market Re-Run of 2025-2030

From 2025 we will see an explosive rally in prices in the markets propelling them back up on a perpetual bull trend that lasts 5 years until prices have retested the highs or very close to that were made in 2021-2022.

This will be the exit for all stuck longs that bought during the rally higher to exit once more causing the market to move sideways for 6-9 months around $521.74.


The Market Collapse of 2030-2035

Once the market has topped out and allowed earlier stuck longs to exit, we will see a market collapse of 74.64% to 128.48 on the $SPY. This move lower will likely be fueled by a collapse of some sort likely in the tech sector given its bubble-ish nature. My concern here is that we see the true bear potential on some stocks to which have never been seen before. There will be several major companies that go under on this kind of move. Some stocks may even do something that has never happened before and trade negatively — under $0 — due to the “catalyst” that causes this crash.  This will be the true dive for bears to reach the final super-cycle target low.